Weekly Update 16th September 2021
Mrs Wolfe
16 Sep 2021
Autumn 1 Newsletter
Mrs Wolfe
13 Sep 2021





Weekly Update 16th September 2021

Mrs Wolfe - 16 Sep 2021


What an amazing start to Palm Class we have had!  We have had an amazing, action-packed two weeks and the adventures just keep on coming!  Our golden thread for this half term is ‘Confident Communicators’ – we have certainly done a lot of that at Ingleborough and this work will continue throughout the half term, as well as the year ahead. 

The children made me incredibly proud at Ingleborough.  Their behaviour was fantastic and we just had so much fun!  There were some brilliant activities on offer - gorge scrambling, exploring caves, adventuring across the Norber erratics...we also learnt some fantastic skills, such as archery, den-building, orienteering and geo-caching.  There was never a dull moment and the children were a pleasure to take away.  I look forward to our next out-of-school adventure! 


Returning to school was also a bit of an adventure too!  We were excited to see how our dragons were doing.  The eggs had been busy hatching over the summer holidays and we left them in class resting last Wednesday, whilst we went adventuring.  On our return this week we have been teaching our dragons how things work at Kirkby - ensuring they know about the 3 Bs 
Be Respectful
Be Ready
Be Safe
and how important it is to demonstrate our Christian Values of kindness, love, patience, peace.  Choosing kind is always the best choice to make and we are going to be exploring this further through our relationhips and friendships PHSE work. 

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I have been very impressed with the children's attitudes to learning and it is great to see how focused and engaged they are in class.  We are working on how we can get the best out of every lesson we have by being present and having a positive attitude.  We've also been exploring attendance and how important it is to use a growth mindest to have a healthy, positive attitude to being at school.  I have loved the children's enthusiasm and excitement about attending school and always giving their best effort when they are here.

Our days have been jam-packed, to say the least!  We are currently working on number and place value in maths, exploring representations of numbers and the concrete and pictorial resources that we have to help us learn.  We've launched into our times table and counting practice and are having a lot of fun with our counting stick! 

Every morning, as part of our Early Bird work, the children are completing their maths Fluent in 5 and Flashback 4 questions to get them warmed-up and ready for their maths lesson.  This work begins at 8:45, so the earlier you arrive the earlier you can get started on your learning!  

A quick reminder that the register is taken at 8:55, therefore pupils need to be in class and ready before this is taken.

Our English work has been very impressive.  Our target in writing this half term is stamina.  We have stretching and finger gym sessions daily to get us warmed up and ready to go.  I've been really impressed with the contributions in our shared writing sessions, as well as the effort the children are making with their presentation.  Handwriting sessions will begin next week.

Books are at the heart of Palm Class, as they are everywhere at Kirkby School!  It has been a joy listening to readers and talking about books in class.  The children are choosing their own books from the class library and the recommendations are already flooding in!  Pupils will all have a scheme reading book sent home this week, which needs to be brought into school every day, thank you.  Once your child has their scheme book we encourage them to read it every day.  More information will be sent out next week regarding home learning expectations. 

I’ve been impressed with the children’s phonics skills this week.  Phonics are a huge part of KS2 learning and we will be revising and using our phonics regularly for reading and spelling – also looking at etymology and how words are built.

Palm class enjoy reading every day, whether through our whole-class guided reading, book talk, class stories and reading in other subjects.  We are also beginning ‘Friday Newsday’ next week.  (Please note this originally was planned to be on Tuesdays.)  Mr Anson will be leading this session every Friday. 

A quick reminder that PE kits should be in school every Monday and return home every Friday.  Pupils also need a coat, pair of trainers and wellies in school each day, so that they can access the field during all weathers.  A water bottle is required in school everyday too.

Change to morning routine – beginning next week Palm class will enter the KS2 building via the fire door entrance at the rear of the entrance.  A member of staff will be ready to greet the children at 8:45 each day. 

Class dojos have been flying off the shelf these last two weeks and we already have pupils on our values board.  I’m super proud of everyone in Palm for ‘shining like stars’.  Just a few of the things pupils have shone for these last two weeks include…
  • Being a great team player
  • Showing resilience
  • Being independent
  • For focus in class
  • For stopping to help others
  • Being ready
  • Showing great listening
  • Having stamina in our writing
  • problem solving and super reasoning in maths
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Keep up the good work, Palm!  We have so many adventures in our learning ahead of us.

Mrs Wolfe smiley






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