Weekly Update - 17th January 2019
Miss Oates and Mrs Pawson
17 Jan 2019
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Weekly Update - 17th January 2019

Miss Oates and Mrs Pawson - 17 Jan 2019

We have had another exciting week this week with 'Miss Beth' supporting us in class. The children have loved working with her and we are sure she wil be missed next week but we wish her lots of success back at university. 

We have continued doing lots of work outside even on the days where it has been REALLY chilly. The children absolutely love learning outside and we will continue to provide ample opportunities for them to use our outdoor environments no matter the weather. Thank you to everyone who has made an effort to provide extra warm clothing for their child so they can continue with the learning they love! 

We have started some new adventures in our learning this week with the introduction of 'Write Dance'. This is a multisensory approach to help us devlop our handwriting by strengthening all of our muscles and helping us to build up patterns and coordination that will help us with letter formation. We use stories, music and lots of dancing to do this - it is great fun! This week we have been volcanoes - ask your child if they can show you their volcano dance. 

In phonics we are continuing with our phase 3 learning. Our new sounds we are learning will now contain more than one letter but we must remember that these two (or three) letters are working together to make one sound. We call these digraphs and trigraphs. This week we have learnt /ai/ (e.g. rain, plain, tail), /ee/ (e.g. tree, sheep, queen), /igh/ (e.g. tight, high, right) and /oa/ (e.g. oats, coal, moan). When we are sounding out words with these sounds in we point to the letters together at the same time and say the one sound. If you would like some more information about this (such as a quick deomonstration) then please come in and ask us on a morning or after school and we would be delighted to help! Please do keep practising all the sounds on the blue phonics ring as there are still some sounds that catch us out that we need to keep revising. 

It is great to see so many children reading their books from our reading schemes but don't forget to keep us the fabulous storytelling and vocabulary development with the wordless picture books. We believe one of the best ways you can support your child at home is by sharing stories together and reading everyday. This not only develops their literacy skills but a huge range of deveopmental skills that a child needs to help them with their learning. Please record your child's reading in their yellow reading record and use our comments to help you best support your child with the books we have sent. You may also note that some children are coming home with lots of books in their bags. This is because they are thoroughly enjoying accessing our school library on a lunchtime. If you are unsure of which books we have provided and which the children have chosen then you can either look in their reading record (we only record the books we give them) or look on the inside of the books to check for a small library barcode. 

Finally we have had some donations of 'spare clothing' to help us with our supplies for those 'oops' moments and we really appreciate this. If anyone is having a clear out then pants, tights, socks, gloves and hat donations would also be very appreciated.


This week as part of our collective worship we have been thinking about Jesus as the water of life:

‘I am the water of life’ John 4:13-14
We have looked at the teaching of Jesus and how his voice is portrayed in the Bible. We have also deepened our understanding of the work of Water aid charities, we started our work with these charities in September as part of our Harvest work.
Our Friday wonder is ‘What you can do to bring life to others?’

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