Class Weekly Update - 17th January 2019
Mr Rutter
17 Jan 2019
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Class Weekly Update - 17th January 2019

Mr Rutter - 17 Jan 2019

I can't believe that we are at the end of week two already - time is going by so quickly! On Monday we started to thinking about the build-up to the Battle of Hastings - we marched all the way to the other end of the school field to see off the invasion from Harold Hardrada at Stamford Bridge, then we had a message that we had to march all the way back to the other side to face William Duke of Normandy. We really understood how tired those English soldiers must have felt by the time they got to Hastings (even though our field isn't quite as far!).

We have used the story of the Battle of Hastings in our writing this week, writing our own newspaper reports about what happened. We had to use the 5Ws and How to help us remember what details to include. There were some amazing headlines!

We also managed to create our own Bayeux Tapestry which we are proudly displaying in our classroom. We looked at the style of the artwork and thought about why the images were simple. The children thought about how people at this time wouldn't be able to read a newspaper to get their news, so they had to record events in other ways. We made some comparisons to how we share information today.

We have completed our work on addition and subtraction. Year 2 investigated what happens when you add three single-digit numbers and using number bonds to to answer questions efficiently. Year 1 have been comparing number sentences and using the <,> and = symbols to show which has the greatest/lowest/equivelent answer. Tomorrow we will be continuing with our work on shape. 

We made some links with maths in our computing work, as we looked at direction to help us program a turtle to draw shapes using our instructions. The children felt very proud when they were able to get the turtle to draw what they wanted! If they want to try this out at home, they can find the program we used here:  

Eco-school – please note: pupils now have permission to arrive at school in their eco-school clothes every Friday.  This should consist of warm and comfortable clothing, preferably tracksuit bottoms/leggings, t-shirts and sweatshirts.  If appropriate these clothes can double up for P.E., therefore limiting changing times and making the most of our P.E. and eco-school sessions.


This week as part of our collective worship we have been thinking about Jesus as the water of life:

‘I am the water of life’ John 4:13-14
We have looked at the teaching of Jesus and how his voice is portrayed in the Bible. We have also deepened our understanding of the work of Water aid charities, we started our work with these charities in September as part of our Harvest work.
Our Friday wonder is ‘What you can do to bring life to others?’
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