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What's on at School?


September 2017

Tuesday 5th - School reopens

Friday 22nd - Jeans for Genes Day


October 2017

Friday 20th - Half Term

Monday 30th - School reopens


November 2017

Monday 6th - Infant Agility afternoon - Years 1 & 2

Friday 17th - Children in Need


December 2017

Friday 22nd - Christmas Holiday 


For a full list of term dates please click here.

Kirkby Malzeard Primary School Governors' Report Academic Year 2015-2016

The core functions of the Governing Body are:-

1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
2. Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the School and all its

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the School and making sure its money is well spent.

 Our Governing Body was reconstituted in March 2015 and is made up of 12 governors including parents, a staff nominee and members representing our local Community, St. Andrew's Church and the Local Education Authority. Between them we ensure there is a wide range of life experience and skills relevant to the needs of our School. These include those with in-depth experience in nursery, primary, secondary and special needs education, science and arts, law, the military and the Church.
 In fulfilling its core functions, the Governing Body works closely with our Headteacher and all members of staff, being "critical friend" and providing professional and personal support. Governors hold strongly to the principle that all parties involved in our School and with our children are part of a team, a team with one clear objective:
       "To provide high quality education in a safe, happy supportive environment "
As with all effective teams, governors encourage all Stakeholders- Headteacher, Staff, Parents, Governors and Pupils to each have clear roles but to work closely together in the achievement of this objective. A priority is to aim for clear, open communication at all times between all these Stakeholders.
 The full Governing Body meets 10 times a year. Each Governor specialises in a curriculum subject area or area of School organisation, this role involves a detailed knowledge and understanding of their area and the responsibility of reporting as appropriate to the Full Governing Body. In this way all Governors gain regular detailed knowledge of issues arising in all areas of School Life which informs discussion and decisions.
There are two Committees, having responsibilities for:
    1. Staffing and personnel matters.
    2. Links with our partner School, St. Nicholas, West Tanfield. (Joint Strategic Development Committee)
Both these Committees report to the Full Governing Body as appropriate.

The Governing Body has a rolling programme which focuses on specific areas of Governance, including the School Development Plan, the Curriculum and its assessment, finance, personnel and resources including buildings. Discussions include monitoring and reviewing all of these and other aspects of School Life leading, where judged appropriate, to modification to policy, strategy and practice. Every Agenda includes discussion around our Headteacher's report and an item on Safety and Safeguarding. All Agendas are prefaced by the following statement:
     "The purpose of every Agenda item is to assist us in the continuing improvement of our School”

 Work undertaken:
1.The rolling programme of Key Issues
2.Reports from specialist Governors 
 Both lead to discussion, questions and challenges.
Only after very careful consideration of the impact for our children are changes to policy and practice authorised. The overriding principle is that changes will lead to demonstrable benefits for pupils.

 Major Outcomes:
1. The creation of the post of Assistant Headteacher
2.The creation of two Learning Units to operate from September 2016.
3. Supporting our Headteacher and Staff as they implement the stream of short notice major changes of Government policy to the curriculum and its assessment.
4. Monitored, questioned, and celebrated as appropriate, standards of teaching and learning.
5. Revisited all Safety and Safeguarding practices, including Governor training.
6. Changes to lunchtime arrangements.
7. Reorganised our Mission Statement for greater clarity and easier monitoring.
8. Development of closer working links with St. Nicholas School
9.Improvements to security systems both in School and in the grounds.  

Strategic Planning for the future:

  • continue to closely monitor all aspects of School Life
  • continue to keep well informed about National and Local developments regarding Academies and School Groupings.
  • continue to work closely with St. Nicholas and Kirkby pre School
  • The Governing Body will support, advice and be "critical friend" to our Headteacher and Staff as they work for our children in an ever changing education landscape.


List of Governors:-

Name                 Governor Category        Term Expiry Date   Attendance record (10)

Andrea Peacock          Headteacher                            N/A               10 (+ 3 JSDC)

Rebecca Wolfe            Staff Governor                    01.09.17                             10

Stephen Weld              L.A. Governor                     01.09.17                              8

Malcolm Brigg (Chair)  Foundation Governor           30.07.18             10 (+ 3 JSDC)

Liz Jarvis                     Foundation Governor           30.07.19                              1

Tracey Cole-Brownlee   Parent Governor                 30.10.17               10 (+ 2 JSDC)

Gemma Pawson            Parent Governor                30.10.17                              9

Heather Clark-Kelly (Vice)  Co-opted Governor         15.03.19                              9

Karen Pickles                 Co-opted Governor            15.03.19               8 (+ 3 JSDC)

Gwyneth Jackson            Co-opted Governor            15.03.19                             9

Claire Armor                  Co-opted Governor            15.03.19                             6

Vacancy                         Co-opted Governor       


The overall attendance at Full Governing Body meetings for 2015-2016 was 82%.


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