04 Apr 2019
Year 5 to 6 - Cedar - Mrs Wolfe
for improved effort in your learning - you are realising your potential and making fantastic progress!
Year 5 to 6 - Cedar - Mrs Wolfe
04 Apr 2019
Year 5 to 6 - Cedar - Mrs Wolfe
for excellent progress in your learning - keep up the hard work! You are doing brilliantly!
Year 5 to 6 - Cedar - Mrs Wolfe

'Star of The Week' List 2018-19

28 Mar 2019 Emily for incredible effort with all of your learning. Your enthusiastic attitude to extending your learning beyond the school day is brilliant!
28 Mar 2019 George for having a clear understanding of yourself as a learner.You are working hard and know what you have to do to do even better-you can do it!
21 Mar 2019 Aleesha for dedication and commitment to your learning.
21 Mar 2019 Connor for being a calm and patient influence on others - you are a star!
08 Mar 2019 Alphe for a great attitude to your work and school life - you work hard and give your best.
08 Mar 2019 Jack for an enthusiastic and positive approach to your responsibilities.
22 Feb 2019 Harriett for amazing effort and a brilliant attitude in all your learning - you are contributing superb thoughts and ideas
22 Feb 2019 Piers for a great attitude this week - you have been helpful to others and made positive contributions to class and group discussions
14 Feb 2019 Aadil for a conscientious and focused approach to all your work in school - you are making great progress - keep it up!
14 Feb 2019 Matilda for taking changes to your learning in your stride and having such a positive attitude about it!
08 Feb 2019 Connor for fantastic progress in your English learning - you have developed a positive approach to writing and it is having incredible results!
08 Feb 2019 Jasmine for amazing grammar knowledge - you have shown fantastic effort and recall of your learning.
01 Feb 2019 Noah for showing great confidence in your Class Worship session. You were fantastic!
01 Feb 2019 William Will H - for showing great confidence in your Class Worship session. You were fantastic!
18 Jan 2019 Aleesha for super DIRT responses - you are really thinking about your next steps
18 Jan 2019 Max for being a great team player and reliable member of Cedar
13 Dec 2018 Lottie for starting each day with such a positive attitude - you light up our day!
13 Dec 2018 William Will A - you have a calm and measured approach to school life - you are a supportive member of the class with a kind word for everyone.
07 Dec 2018 Freya for an amazing attitude to your learning and school life - your enthusiasm is infectious!
07 Dec 2018 Lydia for your quiet determination to succeed in all that you do.
29 Nov 2018 Reece for amazing effort in your learning - I am so impressed with the time you are taking to make improvements. Well done!
29 Nov 2018 George for your conscientious attitude and willingness to 'have a go'! Your determination is fantastic!
23 Nov 2018 Piers for asking some fantastic questions in science - lots of further investigating to be done!
23 Nov 2018 Harriett for thinking deeply and responding maturely and with thoughtfulness in all areas of your learning.
15 Nov 2018 Erin for a motivated and focused approach to school life. You immerse yourself in all aspects of your learning and always strive to do your best
15 Nov 2018 Jasmine for super effort in your learning - your focus has been fantastic. Great motivation and determination to make progress.
26 Oct 2018 Alexander being so enthusiastic and motivated in your learning. Brilliant!
26 Oct 2018 Lily-Rose a consistently mature attitude to all aspects of school life - what a star!
19 Oct 2018 Matilda for being an outstanding member of Cedar - you are a conscientious learner who always listens and tries your best . What a star!
19 Oct 2018 Connie for your high standards and outstanding presentation skills - you always put your absolute best into everything you do.
11 Oct 2018 Alphe for being a brilliant role model - you always think about and look out for others
11 Oct 2018 Lily for always being so sensible and focused - you always try your best.
04 Oct 2018 Isabella for being so full of enthusiasm and for being a great leader and role-model
04 Oct 2018 Sofia for showing such fantastic and mature leadership skills - you are such a star!
27 Sep 2018 Connor for showing outstanding listening skills at all times - I'm so impressed!
27 Sep 2018 Emily for producing homework of a consistently high standard - I'm so impressed!
20 Sep 2018 William a fantastic and enthusiastic attitude to your new responsibilities
20 Sep 2018 Jasper A great attitude to your work and school life
13 Sep 2018 Jack for a mature and focused approach to Y5. You have made a fabulous start to Cedar!
13 Sep 2018 Molly for a positive start to Y6 and for always showing such enthusiasm to your learning.
11 Sep 2018 William for settling well into Y5 and being a supportive and helpful member of Cedar.
11 Sep 2018 Emma for modelling excellent listening and attention skills - you are a great role-model to others.

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