04 Apr 2019
Year 3 to 4 - Palm - Mr Donaldson
a fantastic work ethic - especially in maths.
Year 3 to 4 - Palm - Mr Donaldson
04 Apr 2019
Year 3 to 4 - Palm - Mr Donaldson
applying a wonderful growth mindset in every lesson.
Year 3 to 4 - Palm - Mr Donaldson

'Star of The Week' List 2018-19

28 Mar 2019 RileyH applying himself quickly and quietly to his writing task.
28 Mar 2019 Elizabeth always making such valued and thought provoking contributions during R.E lessons.
15 Mar 2019 Sam such a brilliant explanation of figurative language to the whole class
15 Mar 2019 Rhys wonderful writing skills this week
07 Mar 2019 CharlieR trying very hard to develop reading skills with great results!
07 Mar 2019 Matthew working very hard to grow in resilience!
21 Feb 2019 Ellie confidently and clearly explaining science in action!
21 Feb 2019 Rosie trying so hard to keep focussed and giving everything 100%
15 Feb 2019 Dillon growing in independence!
14 Feb 2019 Ted a helpful attitude towards everyone in Palm Class - always!
07 Feb 2019 Rufus great teamwork in our dance lesson!
07 Feb 2019 Ella great teamwork in our dance lesson!
31 Jan 2019 Sam thoughtful and thought provoking questions.
31 Jan 2019 Hayden great bravery when impressing with his mental recall skills!
25 Jan 2019 Charlie always having a polite and helpful attitude in class (Mr Anson)
25 Jan 2019 All of Palm setting a super example as the eldest children in school all week!
17 Jan 2019 Charlie astounding us all with his wonderful geographical mapping skills
17 Jan 2019 Ivan great ideas and contributions in class.
06 Dec 2018 Matthew trying very hard to keep focussing and concentrating
06 Dec 2018 Charlie contributing super ideas to our planning for our shared afternoon
30 Nov 2018 Riley learning to become an effective group member
30 Nov 2018 Tiffany making links between learning!
22 Nov 2018 Charlie acting as a super leader in group tasks.
22 Nov 2018 Elizabeth showing such wonderful 'people' skills to all her classmates at all times!
15 Nov 2018 Sophia a very mature and hard-working attitude - always!
15 Nov 2018 Maisy a very helpful and organised attitude in Palm Class.
26 Oct 2018 Nathan such a wonderful attitude this week and really speeding up!
26 Oct 2018 Chloe trying very hard to have a growth mindset.
19 Oct 2018 Hayden trying very hard to develop independence.
19 Oct 2018 Tom a caring and helpful attitude towards other.
11 Oct 2018 Bethany very mature work and behaviour
11 Oct 2018 Tiffany a very mature and responsible attitude to Key Stage 2.
04 Oct 2018 Riley persevering with a smile when finding things tricky
04 Oct 2018 Charlie a super performance as a prehistoric man!
27 Sep 2018 Tom always having a willingness to help others.
27 Sep 2018 Violet a brilliantly organised attitude.
20 Sep 2018 Rufus being an absolute pleasure and settling in so well
20 Sep 2018 William taking feedback so positively and always acting on advice
13 Sep 2018 Joshua giving everything 100% effort (even with a poorly arm!)
13 Sep 2018 Sam a very organised start to the year!
11 Sep 2018 Niamh setting a wonderful example for all of the new Y3 children to follow
11 Sep 2018 Ivan giving 100% to everything during his first week in Palm Class

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