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Class Weekly Update - 4th October 2018

Mr Rutter - 04 Oct 2018

Another extremely busy week! We've really been getting into our BFG work. We thought about how we would describe one of the nasty giants from the story. I was very impressed with the vocabulary that the children came up with! 

We imagined that the BFG was coming to visit us, so we came up with some questions we would like to ask him. There were some fantastic ideas here are just a couple of them:

"How long have you lived in Giant Country?"
"Do you ever go on holiday?"
"Have you ever eaten any other food than snozzcumbers?"
"How do you grow snozzcumbers?"
"How do you decide what dreams to give to each person?"

Our very own Barney had to stand in for the BFG - but did a great job at answering the questions! Well done Barney Friendly Giant!

We celebrated National Poetry Day with our own BFG inspired poems. We spent a lot of time thinking about some rhyming words that we could use and created some lovely poetry. 

In our maths work, we started the week by ordering numbers by size. This was tricky and we will need to keep practising this lots at school and home if possible. We talked about looking at our tens first to compare numbers, then if they have the same amount of tens (e.g. 23 and 25) then you need to compare the ones digit too. Tomorrow we will be reinforcing the value of different digits so that we feel confident about this really important part of maths. We have also started counting in twos. The children noticed that teachers often do this when we are going out to different places (like church or school trips) and we talked about how it was a quicker way of counting.

In our science work this week we have been thinking about healthy food. We looked at lots of different types of food and started to think about whether they are foods that we should have all of the time, or foods that are ok to have as a treat sometimes because they are less healthy. We decided that ice cream and chocolate are treat foods, but vegetables like cucumber (or snozzcumber!) and tomatoes are good for us so we can have these everyday. 

We have also managed to squeaze in some art this week - thinking back to our ideas about surrealism and Salvador Dali, we came up with our own composition ideas, tested out some different media (watercolours and wax crayons were popular choices!) and then created our own masterpieces. There were some great ideas - even a house with a face! 

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