Weekly update 24th September
Gemma Pawson
24 Sep 2020
Weekly update
Gemma Pawson
17 Sep 2020
Welcome to a new school year!
Gemma Pawson
10 Sep 2020
Welcome back!
Gemma Pawson
07 Sep 2020




Weekly Update - 7th November

Miss Oates and Mrs Pawson - 07 Nov 2019

Welcome back - we hope everyone had a fantastic holiday! 

We have heard about some great adventures already! If you have any photos from your adventures, please bring them in to share and add to our class family tree. The children love looking at each other's photos. If you are struggling to print them then please email one of us with the photos and we will be happy to print them in school. 

We are well on our way with learning our phonics and learning to read in school. It is still super important that the children are practising these skills at home as well as in school. By the end of this week every child will have two reading books to read at home - we choose these books carfully to match the phase your child is reading at. We are looking for children to read these a minimum of 5 times per week. The children also all have a blue phoincs key ring with all the sounds learnt so far - these are great to use to help your child revise and become fluent with recognising the letters and sounds. Please record all your child's reading in their yellow reading record - we love to see what they are getting up to at home. 

Some reading top tips:
- Keep reading your child's wordless picture book. Even though we are beginning to read words, it is still important we carry on working on the skills developed through storytelling. 
- Practise recognising the sounds on their own - the phonics key ring will be very helpful for this. You can also spot letters in envrionmental print when your out and about e.g. menus, signposts, receipts. Can your child spot the sounds they know? 
- When reading your child's book with words, allow them time to explore the page indepentdently first, before working together to read the words. 
- Word-reading...your child will need to 'sound-out' the word first say the sounds on their own. Once they have worked out the sounds they need to blend them together to make a word. Encourgae your child to keep repeating the sounds until they hear the word. If your child is struggling to hear the blended word, you can help them by saying the sounds yourself and then saying the word. 
- Help your child understand what they are reading by repeating back the words as you go along to build the sentence. 
- Talk about what is happening in the story. How are the characters feeling? What might happen next? What have we learnt?
- Read as much as possible with lots of variety. As well as your child's reading book, reading print in the environment is very important as they begin to recognise their letters in different fonts and styles as well as beginning to understand reading for a purpose. 
- Read your child's book more than once - there are never too many times you can read a book! 

Reading is such a huge part of early learning and we want to develop a love, passion and confidence for reading within all our children! Your support at home is very much appreciated. 

In class this week we have been reaing 'Room on a Broom' by Julia Donaldson. The children have been showing great enthusiasm and excitemented for this book. We will be continuing our exciting explorations next week - maybe we will think of our own adventures on the broom! 

We have been doing lots of comparing this week. We have been using our languag ecarefully to explain 'more than', 'less than', 'fewer' and 'equal'. This has meant lots of voting - can you vote for anything at home and work our which category received the most votes? 

Useful dates:
  • Monday 11th November - The whole school will be taking part in a remembrance assembly
  • Friday 15th November - Children in Need (more info available on the main website page soon)
  • Thursday 12th December - Acorn and Oak Nativity, 2pm and 6pm 
  • Friday 13th December - Christmas Crafts 
  • Thursday 19th December - Christmas Lunch
  • Friday 20th Decmber - Carols at Church, 1:30pm 
  • Friday 20th Decmber - School closes for Christmas holidays, 3pm 
  • Tuesday 7th January - School reopens for the Spring Term 
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